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Commercial Bank

CDs & IRAs

The Commercial Bank offers CDs, Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs.

  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) - A certificate of deposit is a time deposit that is similar to a savings account in the sense that it is risk-free and insured by the FDIC.  It has a specific, fixed-term and a fixed interest rate, and is intended to be held until maturity, at which time the money can be withdrawn with the accrued interest.  There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Traditional IRAs- Available to everyone with reportable income.  The contributions may be tax deductible.  Funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments.  Withdrawals may begin at age 59 ½ and are mandatory by 70 ½.  Taxes are paid when withdrawn from the IRA.  The funds withdrawn (including principle contributions) before 59 ½ are subject to 10% penalty (subject to exception).
  • Roth IRAs- Available only to single-filers making up to $118,000 or married couples making a combined maximum of $186,000 annually.  Contributions are not tax deductable.  All earnings are 100% tax free if rules and regulations are followed.  Principle contributions can be withdrawn when the owner turns 59 ½ and the account has been open for 5 years without penalty.  There is no mandatory distribution age.
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